About Us

The Fabric Store Online launched early in 2016 offering an exclusive collection of beautiful merino wool jerseys and apparel fabrics for those that live further afield. The store has since grown and our shipping locations have too! We ship to NZ, Australia, USA, Canada and to a selection of countries in Europe – United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We are able to ship to any location in the world so if your country is not currently listed as one of our shipping destinations send through your shipping enquiry here!

With bricks & mortar stores in New Zealand, Australia and Los Angeles, The Fabric Store has long been a favourite of creatives, designers and home sewers.

First established in 1995 in New Zealand with flagship stores in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin, our first Australian store opened in Sydney in 2008 followed by our Melbourne & Brisbane locations in 2010 & 2011 respectively. Our most recent store located in West Hollywood, Los Angeles opened in 2013. For details on our physical locations visit 'Our Stores' 

Our Merino

As a fully New Zealand owned and operated company, we are big supporters of New Zealand industry. The majority of our Merino products are designer ends and mill overruns which are manufactured in New Zealand however we do also produce a small range of Merinos in hand-picked seasonal fashion colours exclusively for our stores.

Our Philosophy

At The Fabric Store it is important to us to run our business with thought and concern for the future of our world and environment. We believe that there are already far too many mass manufactured, ethically questionable fabrics and garments in existence, and as a result our business is based on the sustainable model of re-use, as opposed to creation.

Our fabrics are designer ends & sampling lengths sourced locally and internationally directly from High end fashion labels. Over the years we have formed relationships with the best designer suppliers in order to bring you amazing and unique stock without the waste and ethical implications of manufacture.

We are huge supporters of home sewing, and appreciate the work and care that goes into creating garments from scratch. Our company aims to provide an alternative option within a fast fashion society where fine craft and high quality fabrics are often undervalued.